What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic programming:

Neuro – relates to the mind and how we relate to the world through our senses

Linguistic – relates to the language we use and how our use of it affects our experiences

Programming – relates to our behaviour and experiences which have emanated from that behaviour

In essence the three areas connect our thoughts, speech and actions and these in turn connect us to other people and the world in general.

By changing our thoughts, speech and/or actions we have numerous choices within our lives.  Just changing the terminology we use can have a profound effect on our relationship with others.


NLP is the study of subjective experience.  Using NLP we can understand how we perceive the world, how we can make our experiences more meaningful and how we can help others to do the same.

NLP is based on “Four Pillars” which are:


  • Rapport – ensuring we understand the relationship between our own physical, mental and spiritual needs and how we relate to and influence others
  • Sensory awareness – noticing what there is to notice in building a
    relationship not only with others, but with yourself, using all your senses
  • Outcomes – know what it is you want and the best way to achieve that goal. 
  • Behavioural flexibility – changing your patterns of thought, speech and actions if things are not working out for you.  Considering more choice and options.  Doing something different.

Using NLP as part of the coaching process will encourage you to consider many different options and processes for achieving the outcome YOU want.